31 August 2015

2015 Photographic Scavenger Hunt - The Final Edition

And so to the last of my photographic finds for this year.

** 3 **

A person walking a dog (or other animal)

One of our neighbours walking their chocolate lab Betto.
Thanks Ruth and BiL for finding out the dogs name :0)

** 4 **

People playing a board game or card game.

My nephew decided to play Battleships whilst we were waiting for dinner one night.
He made it up all by himself and sunk my submarine!!

** 10 **

A college or university.

We passed this one on the freeway on our way to the USS Texas.

** 18 **

An overloaded truck, car, bicycle or other vehicle.

This truck was out the local supermarket.  It looks pretty loaded up to me!!

** 20 **

A natural body of water.

Kemah Boardwalk overlooks both Trinity and Galveston bays.

** 21 **

A photograph of you with a sign reading "2015 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt"

And that, as they say, is that.  All done and dusted for another year.
Thank you so much to Rinda at Gallo Organico for hosting this again this year.
As in the past few years she has made up an amazing list which keeps you on your toes all summer.
Looking forward to 2016.

26 August 2015

Hello Hello

Left my cell phone at home so had to borrow one!!

It weighed a ton and wouldn't fit in my bag!!

24 August 2015

Me on Monday

It's been a
waving folks off on a road trip, laundry attacking,
last dropping off at driver's ed,
tea supping and taking the teenager to sporty stuff
kind of Monday.

Thanks to Sian at From High in the Sky for hosting again this week.

How was your Monday/weekend?

23 August 2015

Driving Lessons

The Teenager has received his official Learner's Permit ...

 ... and lessons with Dad have begun!!


22 August 2015


After living in the Houston 'burbs for 14 months,
I finally got John and Samuel to visit 

 Look! Photographic evidence!
And I secretly think that they enjoyed themselves.

The teenager especially.  He loved channeling his inner geek!!

Even if he did become a little camera shy!

A good day was had by all.

19 August 2015

USS Texas

I suspect that the longer we live here,
the complete list of places we'll take our visitors will be set.
Having visited the USS Texas in April, 
we were there again yesterday.

 My nephew loved it!

As did BiL (and Ruth, who took all the photos).

 Apart from this one.

18 August 2015

Water Park Fun

We were supposed to go back to the Beach Club yesterday with 
my friend Emma and her boys, but when we got there it was closed.

Never fear!  There is always another pool to go to.
After all, we do have 12.

We ended up at the Water Park
and a huge success it was, too.

There were fountains in the kiddie pool,

and concentration needed for the first slide

and even I had a go.
 (but just the once. I forgot that the water shot up your nose when you went under water!!)

It was so much fun, we're going back on Wednesday.

17 August 2015

Brazos Bend Revisited

The teenager had airsoft  yesterday so whilst he was there
I took Ruth, my nephew and my BiL to Brazos Bend State Park
for a spot of  alligator spotting.

We saw a few..................

a little 11 month old that's still in the visitors center

One that was stalking a fisherman

One that tired to imitate a log

and one that was lurking in the algae.

Apart from the humidity it was quite a pleasant walk around the lake.

It was a good day out but I've decided, 
I'm not going back until it cools down a bit!!

16 August 2015

A night out

Ruth and I had a girls night out last night
with my pal and her sister.

We went to the Palladium to see the "Man from UNCLE"

Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill in the same film

Time for a quick glass of vino before we went, whilst we were there and when we got home!!!
Well it would be rude not too.  :0)

14 August 2015

One of those days

The day started with hot air balloons over head in the morning

had a manicure & pedicure in the middle 

and ended with me in bed at 4.40pm with a migraine.

13 August 2015

And so it begins

A trip to the DPS 
and one soon to be stressed mom.

Chillin' out

We took our first trip to Cinco Ranch Beach Club today
and it was brilliant.

White sand and warm waters

A half decent photo of me

And a place to relax and chill out.

They do say everything is bigger in Texas and they could be right with that umbrella!!!

12 August 2015

Earning his keep

He's been here less than 24 hours but I have him
earning his keep already.

10 August 2015

One Photo|Twenty Words

Here's this months photo for One photo/Twenty Words over at
Creating Paper Dreams

Only one more sleep until they arrive.
I wonder what adventures are in store this time.
Only time will tell.

9 August 2015

One from the archives

I was looking back through some old discs today 
in search of photos of Samuel.
I found this instead.

I miss my boy.


7 August 2015


These two don't see each other very often
and there is a big age difference.
But they can sometimes have fun together.

Only 3 sleeps to go!!

6 August 2015

Welcome little one

We have a new addition to our family.
My cousin and his fiancee had a wee girl on the 2 August.

Welcome to the family Miss A

5 August 2015

10 Things I Miss

If I'm honest with myself I haven't really missed Scotland.
Home is where my boys are and if they're in Texas then that's home.
just occasionally I miss certain things.

This weekend was Speyfest back in the old village 
and there were photos galore on Facebook.
That got me thinking.
What DO I miss??

** 1 **
I miss our old home.  I wasn't a huge place like Texas homes but it was ours and we loved it.  John did a lot of work on it and we had some fun times with friends and family.

** 2 **
I miss my newly re-vamped garden - even in the rain!
John spent months doing this all by himself and even built a pizza oven.
We put down decking and artificial lawn.  Planted flowers and bulbs
and then put the house on the market as we were moving to Texas!!

** 3 **

I miss the village.  Everything was within walking/staggering distance.  People were friendly, it was quieter once the by-pass opened.  There were woodland walks and the local pond to take the dog for a walk.  The primary school was an amazing building and it had everything you could need.
Butcher, bakers, hairdressers, pubs, hotels, Co-op, antiques - the list goes on.
It also had amazing views of the river Spey.

Milnes Primary School

 The River Spey 

** 4 **

I miss my boy.
We lost him a few weeks before we moved.

Just look at that happy face :0)

** 5 **

I miss being able to go out for a walk.
Down to the river or through the woods.


River Spey

** 6 **

The swans.
I loved keeping track of the swans on the pond on the local estate.
Some years they had two babies. sometimes they weren't even there
and sometimes they had seven!!

Sometimes the local fox would take them all and sometimes they would all survive.

** 7 **

I loved the fact that were were only a few miles from the nearest beach.



Spey bay

** 8 **

Houses,castles and ruins.
I love the history and the charm of them all

Brodie Castle
Elgin cathedral 

** 9 **

I miss the changing colours.  
Yes even in Scotland when it's always cold.

 Winter on the A98

Spring Daffodils

Blue skies in summer

Brodie in Autumn

** 10 **

and last, but by no means least,
I miss these guys.
Texas would be great if they all lived close by.
They are all wonderful people and I miss them dearly.