10 Things I Miss

If I'm honest with myself I haven't really missed Scotland.
Home is where my boys are and if they're in Texas then that's home.
just occasionally I miss certain things.

This weekend was Speyfest back in the old village 
and there were photos galore on Facebook.
That got me thinking.
What DO I miss??

** 1 **
I miss our old home.  I wasn't a huge place like Texas homes but it was ours and we loved it.  John did a lot of work on it and we had some fun times with friends and family.

** 2 **
I miss my newly re-vamped garden - even in the rain!
John spent months doing this all by himself and even built a pizza oven.
We put down decking and artificial lawn.  Planted flowers and bulbs
and then put the house on the market as we were moving to Texas!!

** 3 **

I miss the village.  Everything was within walking/staggering distance.  People were friendly, it was quieter once the by-pass opened.  There were woodland walks and the local pond to take the dog for a walk.  The primary school was an amazing building and it had everything you could need.
Butcher, bakers, hairdressers, pubs, hotels, Co-op, antiques - the list goes on.
It also had amazing views of the river Spey.

Milnes Primary School

 The River Spey 

** 4 **

I miss my boy.
We lost him a few weeks before we moved.

Just look at that happy face :0)

** 5 **

I miss being able to go out for a walk.
Down to the river or through the woods.


River Spey

** 6 **

The swans.
I loved keeping track of the swans on the pond on the local estate.
Some years they had two babies. sometimes they weren't even there
and sometimes they had seven!!

Sometimes the local fox would take them all and sometimes they would all survive.

** 7 **

I loved the fact that were were only a few miles from the nearest beach.



Spey bay

** 8 **

Houses,castles and ruins.
I love the history and the charm of them all

Brodie Castle
Elgin cathedral 

** 9 **

I miss the changing colours.  
Yes even in Scotland when it's always cold.

 Winter on the A98

Spring Daffodils

Blue skies in summer

Brodie in Autumn

** 10 **

and last, but by no means least,
I miss these guys.
Texas would be great if they all lived close by.
They are all wonderful people and I miss them dearly.


  1. Now I feel homesick for dear old Fochabers as well! Put all those photos into a scrapbook (no surprise there!) and then leave it out on the coffee table for viewing at leisure/when required. Five sleeps! xx

  2. I miss Fochabers too but met someone last weekend who had lived 20 years in Cullen. I look forward to chatting to them again. Always remember that home isn't a building it's where the heart is.

  3. WOW. I'd miss all that in Scotland too. I remember your garden post and commenting on that great wall. Ah Moss, a handsome boy. You need to plan a trip home (in my humble opinion) or would it be too soon to visit?

  4. Don't! You're making me homesick for Speyside and I only live 170 miles away! There must be something in the air at the moment - I felt I had to counteract my longing-for-Moray blues by counting the blessings I have here in Edinburgh, so I've started an occasional series about it on my blog. It did make me feel marginally better!
    I didn't realise that building at Milne's was now just the primary school. It was the high school in my day. Where is the high school now?

  5. I don't miss Scotland much, but you've put what I DO miss in the proverbial nutshell! Xx

  6. What a nice post and although you don't miss Scotland you've gathered lovely memories from when you were here. I'm bet you don't miss the Scottish weather that's for sure!! Just remember and spare a thought for us poor souls!! lol X


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