30 September 2012

Weekly round-up

It's been another busy week.

Monday saw me tackle the ironing pile after work.

Tuesday was my birthday.  I don't mind admitting that I was 46.  After all it is just a number.
My friend, Sharon, at work made me a delicious carrot cake the size of a house brick.  I was lovely, lovely, lovely.  I also got a very nice scarf and some snugly gloves for later in the year.
Tuesday evening saw me take Moss to the vet (who gave him a clean bill of health and his boosters).

Wednesday I took the car to the garage where it too got the OK and didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

Thursday John came home from France. It was also my brother and sister-in-law's 17th wedding anniversary.

Friday was my friend Karen's birthday.

Saturday was our 17th wedding anniversary and a great night out with friends.

and today is my brother-in-laws birthday and back to normal in our house.  We did manage a walk along the local river and skimmed a few stones.  John won with 6 then Samuel and I came last with a pathetic 3.

24 September 2012

Hello Monday

This weeks says:

Hello to 3 family birthdays and 2 anniversaries. Must get cards!!

Hello to taking Moss to the vet for his booster and an MOT.
Hello to taking the car for her first service - How much?

Hello to John coming home on Thursday.

Hello to a lovely night out with friends on Saturday.

Hello to a quiet day on Sunday

What are you saying Hello to this week?

19 September 2012


This week on my work desk there is another felt project underway. Rudolph is finished from last week and now it's time to make some Poppies to send to my Auntie who will sell them on. The money raised will go the Royal British Legion.

I bought the poppy in the picture when I went to the Royal Hopsital Chelsea over the summer.

16 September 2012

Wedding Bells

Congratulations to my friends Carol & George on their wedding day yesterday.

15 September 2012

45 Minutes

What can a teenager do in 45 minutes on a Saturday morning?  Besides sleep that is!!

He can get up, get his mum to drive him 4 miles to a friends farm, he can collect his shotgun, have a clay pigeon shooting lesson, clean his gun and get his mum to drive him home again.

On your marks........
 Get set..........
He's only on week three but apparently he's doing really well and turning into a natural.

Olympics 2020 maybe?

14 September 2012

Any Dependants?

My friend Elaine sent this to me at work.  I thought it was funny!!  :0)

12 September 2012


Another week gone and still no scrapping stash on my work desk.  I just can't seem to get into it at the moment. 

This week I have photos of the three of us to send to parents/grandparents etc.  Finished gingham hearts and some more felt to make things for the thing that arrives in December!!
No harm in planning ahead :0)

10 September 2012

Hello Monday

Hello to a quieter week at work!

Hello to getting back to the gym. Sore knees last week :(

Hello to finishing my craft projects.

Hello to watching the last series of Downton Abbey before the new series starts on Sunday.

Hello to going to see my friend get married on Saturday.

Hello to another trip to the hairdresser.  Short hair sure does grow quickly.

5 September 2012

New project

The joy of having a clean work desk means I can spread out my newest project.  It probably should be a scrapping related one as I still have holiday photos to finish from last year, but I just had to finish these hearts first.
Two down, six to go :0)

What's on your workdesk?

WOYWW - I often see this whilst I'm hopping around blogland and am ashamed to say that my work desk is so untidy I couldn't use it if I wanted to.  It has become something of a dumping ground for bits that have yet to be put away.

It's amazing what a quick 20 minutes can achieve when you set to it.

4 September 2012

There's always time for shooting

Samuel doesn't even get changed from school before he's got the air rifle out.  He and his dad like nothing better than obliterating a few cans at the bottom of the garden!!