Hello Monday

This weeks says:

Hello to 3 family birthdays and 2 anniversaries. Must get cards!!

Hello to taking Moss to the vet for his booster and an MOT.
Hello to taking the car for her first service - How much?

Hello to John coming home on Thursday.

Hello to a lovely night out with friends on Saturday.

Hello to a quiet day on Sunday

What are you saying Hello to this week?


  1. A few hellos from a different place for me this week.Hope Moss gets on ok.x

  2. I love these Hello Mondays but unfortunately my week never looks that exciting to take part ;) Hope you have a good one and that the car service isn't too expensive!

  3. Mine's a few early nights,
    letter writing
    and getting back to whatever my 'normal' routine is!

  4. Hope next week will be good xxx


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