29 August 2012

Height of Summer

I've seen The Height of Summer on quite a few blogs recently and thought I'd like to join in.  My Royal Air Force ID card always had me at 170cm which roughly means 5' 7".  When I asked The Teenage One to measure my height recently it seems I'm now only 168½cm which is 5' 6" (and a little bit).

Seems I've shrunk a little or the RAF had it wrong for 13 years!!
This is TTO and me at the RAF museum, Hendon (standing next to a Whirlwind helicopter.  The type my Dad worked on in the late 1960s, early 70s.  Just a little useless info there.)  

He measures up to 180½cm or 5' 11 ¼ ".  Nearly 6 ft which ever way you look at it.  

I did think, looking at this photo, that the old diet needed to be resumed but then I remembered, TTO is as skinny as a rake and has about a 24" waist  :0)

28 August 2012

Too much crochet?

Is there such a thing? 

On looking through my crochet bag it seems I have one or three projects on the go.........

1:  A new blanket.
2:  A cushion cover.
3: And a "I haven't really decided yet"  another blanket? another cushion cover?  We'll have to wait and see how much wool I have left.

27 August 2012

Hello Monday

This week I say.....

Hello to the first full week of the kids being back to school.  Last week didn't count as they weren't in on Monday.  Lets hope it's a quieter week.

Hello to going swimming after work on Mondays.
Hello to John coming home on Thursday.

Hello to a night out on Saturday.

What are you saying hello too this Monday?

26 August 2012


John's been in Stavangar, Norway this week and sent some picture of the harbour.
 It looks a gorgeous place to live.
 I love all the "Tall Ships".
 But I'm not too keen on that cloud!!
John said the weather was very familiar!!  Good old Scottish Summer.  It gets everywhere!!

25 August 2012

22 August 2012

Who's tallest now?

The Teenage One always wanted to be taller than me or his Granny.  Even back in 2009 he was trying his best to be taller.

 Three years later it seems he's got his wish.  Only this time he wasn't prepared to stand there with his hand on his head so Granny had to take that part instead.
At nearly 6ft I think that officially makes him taller than his Granny.