28 February 2015

Breakfast at Tiffany's

On Thursday I became a "Lady That Lunches".  I quite happily went along with 9 others to do a spot of shopping at The Galleria in Houston followed by lunch at the Bistro in Nordstroms.

I didn't buy a thing but I did take a wander around Tiffany & Co.  

Everything must have been free that day as nothing had a price on it!!

24 February 2015

The BIG 50

Hubby John was 50 on Saturday and even though he didn't want any fuss, cards, balloon etc that exactly what he got.

**  He got balloons **

 **  Lots of balloons **

 **  We took him bowling (I won the $100) **

** He got some new boots **

** and a new hat for the Rodeo **

** and after the Rodeo we took him home for a slice of lemon meringue pie **

Not a bad day for someone who didn't want any fuss :0)

18 February 2015

Freeway Mania

This is the I10 or as it's known locally the Katy Freeway.  
It is huge.
It is busy
and I don't drive on it!!

17 February 2015

Me on Monday

Well technically it's Tuesday but you get what I mean

Monday was "Dreich". Cold, wet and windy all day.  A day for staying in.

A day for 

** Paying one of the Teenagers medical bills **

** For making pancakes for the same Teenager's breakfast. **
**They were off school for Presidents' Day.**
** I had the mini ones that were left over! **

** For making use of the new Coach Purse/clutch bag hubby bought me for Christmas **

** For re-arranging the living room to make room for the new tables **
** I like it.  Hubby wasn't too keen.  He'll get used to it!! **

**  For enjoying a frothy coffee whilst catching up with The Walking Dead **
** In the middle of the afternoon!! **

**  For making home made pizza and pasta bake for tea **

How was you Monday?

Thanks once again to Sian at From High in the Sky for hosting Me on Monday.

15 February 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day "Lee" style.

We went and picked up some new furniture.
He took me to Costco and got me a sample of cheesecake.
I said he could buy a whole one if he wanted.
He took me to Petco to fuss the puppies waiting for adoption.
I let him look at the bright yellow Camaro outside.
We went shopping in Kroger.
I bought beer for him in Specs.
He made chinese for tea.
I let him have a sip of my champagne.
We watched a film together.
No overpriced flowers. No cards and definitely no chocolate covered strawberries!!
And that's how we roll ♥♥♥♥♥

13 February 2015

Boot Scootin'

Last Saturday the British International School of Houston (BISH) held a Western Boot Scootin' night at a local BBQ joint.  It was all to raise money for the school.

The Swinging Door is a very "basic" place which is only really missing the sawdust on the floor but the BBQ was delicious.  It was dark when we got there so we couldn't really see the outside.  I drove past it today and would never have gone there to eat just from looking at it.

(photo from Google)

The ladies from the line dancing group were asked to demonstrate a few dances and Kim was going to teach the mums and dads some very basic dances.

There were so many people on the dance floor (hubby and friend not included) it was hard to find a space.

My friend Joanne and I had a great time scootin' away even if she did think she had two left feet (which she didn't).
Not particularly brilliant pictures but you get the idea.

Here I am strutting my stuff  :0)

Can't have been too bad.  I seem to be heading in the same direction as the others!!

It was a great night but over too soon.  As Eliza Doolittle said - "I could have danced all night".

12 February 2015


John decided on Monday that we should make some more sausages and burgers  We nipped out to get the mince and spent the afternoon on the sausage production line.

Last night was tasting time.

Chicken & pork cheese burger with salad and guacamole.  I thought it tasted gorgeous.  The boys just pulled faces!!

11 February 2015

A Walk Along the Bayou

Yesterday I met up with the other ladies in our walking group and we headed off to George Bush Park for a walk along the Bayou.

The weather was fabulous.  The company even better and from some angles it looked like the River Spey.

Apart from the swamp!!  Luckily we didn't see any alligators!!

7 February 2015

Old Town Spring

John and I were at a loose end last Saturday whilst the Teenager was at Airsoft so we abandoned him and went a mile down the road to Old Town Spring.
It's a quirky little "town" a mile from the I45 freeway but takes you into a whole different era.  History goes that the Orcoquisac Indians founded it in 1745 followed by the Germans in the 1800s and the railroad.
Wunsche Bros is a restaurant/bar located right next to the railroad and boy it's loud when the Western Pacific train goes past!!  It's the original building by all accounts.

There are antique shops every where

and shops in little nooks and crannies.

Some bigger than others with more space.

and some squished on to the end of a lot.

There is still the international flavour with German and Dutch shops.

and of course the local Texan wares too.

A quaint little place that only takes about 10 minutes to walk around and just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of downtown Houston.

5 February 2015

Pile of Postcards

And they're off.  
All six postcards are on there way in the Pile of Postcards Valentine exchange.  
Hopefully they will make it in time for the 14th but who can say. 
The post from here is so erratic.  
Some times it takes 5 days other times it's 2 weeks!!

Thanks again to Sian for hosting the exchange.  
I love taking part and receiving cards from around the world.  

3 February 2015

This chair......

A silly little post today all about a chair.

This chair used to be one of a pair.  I had one for my craft room and the Teenager had one for his computer desk.  Sadly his chair didn't last very long and for a short time mine became his.  He eventually got a "proper" computer chair and I got mine back.  It served me well in my little craft space.

For a while the chair was wrapped, packed and kept in the dark for 5 weeks whilst it made it's way half way round the world to Texas.  When it eventually arrived at it's new home it found it had not one purpose but three!

It now helps in my office where I write this blog,

It helps out in my new craft space so I can do my scrapping, catch up on my outstanding journals and write my Pile of Postcards.

and it loves to be in the kitchen where it helps with breakfast and Face Time.  Where it helps me "help" hubby when making dinner! and where we sit and have lunch and catch up with Face Book. It acts as entertainment too for small people, as they can sit on it and press the  lever to go up and down.

All in all an awesome chair to have around  :0)

And there you go, a totally useless post all about a chair.  Don't you just love blogging?  ♥♥♥

2 February 2015

Me on Monday

This Monday I've been

Road testing my new boots in preparation 
for a Western Night this Saturday.
They're awesome!!

I've been grocery shopping
I've been doing the laundry
I've been taking parcels to the post office
I've been tidying up the games room.

How's your Monday?

Thanks to Sian at From High in the Sky for hosting Me on Monday

Pile of Postcards Valentine Exchange

It's that time again.  Time for another Pile of Postcards.  This time the Valentine edition.  A huge thank you to Sian for organising this and keeping us straight on who to send cards to.

I have my list and hope to get them in the post this week.

Keep watching :0)

1 February 2015

Super Bowl

Our first Super Bowl in the USA. The Seattle Seahawks v New England Patriots. It's on the TV and none of us has a clue what's going on!!

Go Seahawks