Me on Monday

Well technically it's Tuesday but you get what I mean

Monday was "Dreich". Cold, wet and windy all day.  A day for staying in.

A day for 

** Paying one of the Teenagers medical bills **

** For making pancakes for the same Teenager's breakfast. **
**They were off school for Presidents' Day.**
** I had the mini ones that were left over! **

** For making use of the new Coach Purse/clutch bag hubby bought me for Christmas **

** For re-arranging the living room to make room for the new tables **
** I like it.  Hubby wasn't too keen.  He'll get used to it!! **

**  For enjoying a frothy coffee whilst catching up with The Walking Dead **
** In the middle of the afternoon!! **

**  For making home made pizza and pasta bake for tea **

How was you Monday?

Thanks once again to Sian at From High in the Sky for hosting Me on Monday.


  1. Homemade pizza? Even better than pancakes I reckon!

    "Dreich" is the one word TTO has brought back with him from Scotland.

    Have a great week Liz.

  2. Lovely to see your use of 'dreich': my grandfather was born in Scotland and used to use this a lot! You seem to have put lots of nice things in your day to compensate for the dullness of the outside.

  3. It's been pretty dreich here too this week!...the furniture looks good xx

  4. Don't know how I missed this post ... the living area looks bigger still from that angle!


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