30 August 2014


Do you think someone thinks they're a "Sugar Chick" by any chance?  Saw this at the traffic lights and just had to take a photo.  Apparently you can have anything on your number plate here so long as it's only so many characters/numbers long!!  Wonder what I can get?


29 August 2014


It rained this morning.....Oh boy did it rain!!  Like a lot of Texan houses there doesn't seem to be guttering all the way around.  Look at this lot coming off the back roof.  I almost had my own swimming-pool there was that much water.


28 August 2014


Life size Spider-man balloon anyone?  Couldn't believe the size of this thing in the supermarket.  It's enough to give any kid nightmares!!


27 August 2014


After three weeks of looking at this mess I thought it was time to sort out my craft area.  I still need some shelving but it's looking good so far.




26 August 2014


After I'd been out for coffee, done all the housework and polished off the ironing it was time to crack on and get my Texas Journal started.  Luckily I had scribbled some of it down in a notebook before we left.  The rest I'll have to make up as I go along.


25 August 2014


Today saw the Teenager start his first day as a Senior at Seven Lake High School.  He was just a little bit nervous!!
He looks a lot different than he did when he started Milnes High back in 2009
Where did that cute little guy go?

He turned into this handsome guy who towers above his poor old mum and has to bend down to give her a hug!!

24 August 2014


Helped The Teenager with his ALS Ice Bucket challenge.  The trick to doing it in 100 degree heat is to add the ice at the last minute.  The first lot melted by the time we got from the kitchen!!

Well done him :0)


23 August 2014


Girls night out.  Met some really nice people, had a lovely meal followed by live music in the pub. What more can you ask for?


22 August 2014


Spent the afternoon cleaning the old apartment.
You can eat your dinner off those floors now.
Mirrors are sparkling.
Years of RAF bull nights and march outs finally paying off!


21 August 2014


Meet "Tex".  He's our resident rabbit.  He arrives about 7pm and leaves 12 hours later.  Doesn't do much.  Just hops around the garden and dodges the sprinklers when they're on!!
We discovered tonight that he also has a friend.  Wonder how many more we'll end up with?


Scavenger Hunt Pt 7

So recently I have managed to get a few more for this years Scavenger Hunt.  I keep forgetting to take the list of those I still have to find with me when I go out.

No11 ::  A Horn

Or three in this case.  I'm hoping that they are light weight horns otherwise those cows will have sore necks holding those horns up!!  These guys live in Houston Zoo.

No 12 :: A Mascot

This is the mascot for Seven Lakes High School - Go Spartans

No 13 ::  A Sunrise

Caught this the other morning at 6.15am.  It's the view over the neighbours house.  Hope they don't mind me snapping away at that time of the morning?

No 14 ::  A Parade

Here we have the Spartan Sapphires on parade at Tuesday's Pep Rally.  I think they are more of a dance troop than cheerleaders but I could be wrong :0)  Apologies for the dodgy photo.

I still need a Photo Bomb, a Juggler and a Bus with a picture on it.  I might have to substitute that last one due to the lack of public transport in Katy.

20 August 2014


Andre, the Cable Guy came today to set up the new TV box and fix the cable in the garden that was eaten by the previous tenants lawn mower!!


What is Airsoft exactly?

That is a very good question.  What can I say about Airsoft?  It's like being back in the RAF and running around playing silly beggars in your green playing out clothes.

It's such BIG business over here.  They have all the kit - machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, smoke grenades, radios, full tactical kit, rifle slings, webbing, camel backs, you name it they have it.  And as they say - If they don't make it, you don't need it.

12 years and over, men, women, boys, girls. It's open to anyone.
First aid tents, medics etc and that's only pretend in case you're "shot" or "injured" during the game.  There is obviously a proper first aid facility if needed.
The referees are out in force and anyone not "playing the game" properly is penalised.  Three strikes and you're out.  If you're hit and classed as shot or killed you have to walk back to the start, re-spawn, wait so long then rejoin the game.

The game area is set up with old buildings, old aircraft parts, wooden things that look like cotton reels, some kind of rocket/missile type thing and obviously a ton of trees.  And it's all behind a protective fence.
They take it all very seriously and some of the guys look like they should be on manoeuvres in Afghanistan
or somewhere.  They literally have all the kit.  There is one older guy who must be retired military as he's called master Chief and has ALL the kit imaginable.
The referees are really good at making sure that everything is safe.  All guns must be tested and colour coded for shooting distance before they can be used in a game.  All under 18s have to wear full face protectors and eye protection must be worn by everyone on the field.  Refs included.  The Teenager will be happy when he doesn't have to wear a face protector as it makes him way too hot.
They have two games during the day.  The first one starts around 9am - 11.30 then they're back in for lunch (which is provided by Airsoft Extreme), an hours break then back out till about 3pm.  They then have scores, and presentations and that's it done for another month.

They must all be mad running around in 100 degrees.  It's hot enough sat in the shade listening to the shouts of "Medic" and smelling the smoke grenades!!

But the Teenager is Lovin' it.

19 August 2014


Our first experience of Pep Rallys and cheer leaders!!
It's something we normally see on cheesy teen movies.
It's actually a bit surreal watching it in real life!!
We were a little bemused to say the least.
Still, When in Rome......................

Senior and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders (like I even know what that means!!)  We Are.... Seven Lakes.


I'm loving my new kitchen at the moment.  The gas hob is so much nicer than the horrid (and in my opinion), dangerous electric one we had in the apartment.  Today I thought I'd make hidden veg & tomato sauce as the Teenager requested pizza for tea.


18 August 2014


It was Airsoft day again today.  He started out in all his kit but had to take most of it off as it was nearly 100 degrees.

They're all mad I tell you :0)


16 August 2014

225 - 228/365

Another catch up today.  I really should try and post every day.  It's not like I don't have the time :0)

The view from my craft room window in the den.  I won't mind sitting there and watching the world go by.  I can also see when the mail man has been.

One of the windows in the school cafeteria at Seven Lakes High School.  Pretty cool huh?  We were back at the school to finish registering and for the Teenager to have 3 shots (much to his disgust).  Bit of a shock to have to pay for them!!

A bit of me time and time to cover the grey.  Oh there was so much of it!!  Had an inch chopped off the back and had it thinned out and now I feel human again  :0)


Do you think Michaels has a scrapbooking section?  
I will add that I only popped in to get some inserts for my Project Life album and resisted the urge to wander around for an hour and spend a fortune :0)

13 August 2014


We went looking for some plants today to brighten up the front bit of garden.  It's all very green out there but I do miss a bit of colour.  Found this wee fella sitting on the plants minding his own business.


12 August 2014

216 - 223/365

A huge catch up today as we've had no Internet for a few days and with moving etc I haven't really had time to post.

We got the keys to our new home

Halloween starts early here!!  How cool are these?

The Gables arrives in Katy :0)

Starting to unpack the wall of boxes.  Some of them were really heavy so I lifted those!!

Still unpacking but guess who just found the X-Box?
We're supposed to be shopping for a new table and chairs but guess who found his perfect "Gaming Chair"?
This lovely fountain is the view from our front porch.

The Teenager and I went to see the school registrar to work out the credits for his High School Diploma. Check out the size of the front entrance.  Seven Lake High School - Home of the Spartans!!  Think American schools in the movies and you'll get the picture.  The school is awesome :0)

3 August 2014


We went for another look around our new home today.  I couldn't remember the layout as we'd seen so many.  It will look great once our furniture is in and we're settled.  We get the keys tomorrow.  :0)


2 August 2014


We were invited to the lovely Miss A's birthday knees up.  She had a great time opening all her presents. Ably assisted by the equally lovely Miss M.


1 August 2014


We stopped at Sears to check out the BBQs.  Why is everything so big here?  This thing is bigger than my old hob and oven combined!!