Scavenger Hunt Pt 7

So recently I have managed to get a few more for this years Scavenger Hunt.  I keep forgetting to take the list of those I still have to find with me when I go out.

No11 ::  A Horn

Or three in this case.  I'm hoping that they are light weight horns otherwise those cows will have sore necks holding those horns up!!  These guys live in Houston Zoo.

No 12 :: A Mascot

This is the mascot for Seven Lakes High School - Go Spartans

No 13 ::  A Sunrise

Caught this the other morning at 6.15am.  It's the view over the neighbours house.  Hope they don't mind me snapping away at that time of the morning?

No 14 ::  A Parade

Here we have the Spartan Sapphires on parade at Tuesday's Pep Rally.  I think they are more of a dance troop than cheerleaders but I could be wrong :0)  Apologies for the dodgy photo.

I still need a Photo Bomb, a Juggler and a Bus with a picture on it.  I might have to substitute that last one due to the lack of public transport in Katy.


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