216 - 223/365

A huge catch up today as we've had no Internet for a few days and with moving etc I haven't really had time to post.

We got the keys to our new home

Halloween starts early here!!  How cool are these?

The Gables arrives in Katy :0)

Starting to unpack the wall of boxes.  Some of them were really heavy so I lifted those!!

Still unpacking but guess who just found the X-Box?
We're supposed to be shopping for a new table and chairs but guess who found his perfect "Gaming Chair"?
This lovely fountain is the view from our front porch.

The Teenager and I went to see the school registrar to work out the credits for his High School Diploma. Check out the size of the front entrance.  Seven Lake High School - Home of the Spartans!!  Think American schools in the movies and you'll get the picture.  The school is awesome :0)


  1. Have been wondering how you were getting on. Great catch up :0)

  2. So glad you now have a home and not just a place to live. I am really enjoying sharing your adventure while staying safe in my own home. Is it my imagination or has the Teenager grown since you left?

  3. How exciting. Hope you get it all the way you want it ASAP

  4. Love that shot of you hefting a box! Also very glad for Facetime and the virtual tour! x

  5. Love the photos and they have a talent for finding the gaming gadgets. The Halloween stuff looks great.


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