What is Airsoft exactly?

That is a very good question.  What can I say about Airsoft?  It's like being back in the RAF and running around playing silly beggars in your green playing out clothes.

It's such BIG business over here.  They have all the kit - machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, smoke grenades, radios, full tactical kit, rifle slings, webbing, camel backs, you name it they have it.  And as they say - If they don't make it, you don't need it.

12 years and over, men, women, boys, girls. It's open to anyone.
First aid tents, medics etc and that's only pretend in case you're "shot" or "injured" during the game.  There is obviously a proper first aid facility if needed.
The referees are out in force and anyone not "playing the game" properly is penalised.  Three strikes and you're out.  If you're hit and classed as shot or killed you have to walk back to the start, re-spawn, wait so long then rejoin the game.

The game area is set up with old buildings, old aircraft parts, wooden things that look like cotton reels, some kind of rocket/missile type thing and obviously a ton of trees.  And it's all behind a protective fence.
They take it all very seriously and some of the guys look like they should be on manoeuvres in Afghanistan
or somewhere.  They literally have all the kit.  There is one older guy who must be retired military as he's called master Chief and has ALL the kit imaginable.
The referees are really good at making sure that everything is safe.  All guns must be tested and colour coded for shooting distance before they can be used in a game.  All under 18s have to wear full face protectors and eye protection must be worn by everyone on the field.  Refs included.  The Teenager will be happy when he doesn't have to wear a face protector as it makes him way too hot.
They have two games during the day.  The first one starts around 9am - 11.30 then they're back in for lunch (which is provided by Airsoft Extreme), an hours break then back out till about 3pm.  They then have scores, and presentations and that's it done for another month.

They must all be mad running around in 100 degrees.  It's hot enough sat in the shade listening to the shouts of "Medic" and smelling the smoke grenades!!

But the Teenager is Lovin' it.


  1. Sounds fabulous for boys. I know mine would love it too.
    Hope you are settling in well?
    Regards Erika. X

  2. Brings back your memories I'm sure! If the Teenager is happy then everyone is happy and he is out getting lots of exercise which has to be a plus. You and the Manager going to join?!!!!!!!

  3. haha sounds brilliant fun - and right up Samuel's street! At least he has found something that he really enjoys and will be a great way to meet people :)


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