This chair......

A silly little post today all about a chair.

This chair used to be one of a pair.  I had one for my craft room and the Teenager had one for his computer desk.  Sadly his chair didn't last very long and for a short time mine became his.  He eventually got a "proper" computer chair and I got mine back.  It served me well in my little craft space.

For a while the chair was wrapped, packed and kept in the dark for 5 weeks whilst it made it's way half way round the world to Texas.  When it eventually arrived at it's new home it found it had not one purpose but three!

It now helps in my office where I write this blog,

It helps out in my new craft space so I can do my scrapping, catch up on my outstanding journals and write my Pile of Postcards.

and it loves to be in the kitchen where it helps with breakfast and Face Time.  Where it helps me "help" hubby when making dinner! and where we sit and have lunch and catch up with Face Book. It acts as entertainment too for small people, as they can sit on it and press the  lever to go up and down.

All in all an awesome chair to have around  :0)

And there you go, a totally useless post all about a chair.  Don't you just love blogging?  ♥♥♥


  1. Sometimes we need something that appears totally useless. I certainly needed to read something that wasn't going to require any emotional response other than a quiet smile. So your post is not totally useless. Thank you

  2. It's an excellent chair, more than serves its purpose and The Boy Child loves it. So there.


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