Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day "Lee" style.

We went and picked up some new furniture.
He took me to Costco and got me a sample of cheesecake.
I said he could buy a whole one if he wanted.
He took me to Petco to fuss the puppies waiting for adoption.
I let him look at the bright yellow Camaro outside.
We went shopping in Kroger.
I bought beer for him in Specs.
He made chinese for tea.
I let him have a sip of my champagne.
We watched a film together.
No overpriced flowers. No cards and definitely no chocolate covered strawberries!!
And that's how we roll ♥♥♥♥♥


  1. And who said romance was dead?! Were you tempted by the puppies?

  2. Sounds very companionable and with loads of quiet love ...


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