Boot Scootin'

Last Saturday the British International School of Houston (BISH) held a Western Boot Scootin' night at a local BBQ joint.  It was all to raise money for the school.

The Swinging Door is a very "basic" place which is only really missing the sawdust on the floor but the BBQ was delicious.  It was dark when we got there so we couldn't really see the outside.  I drove past it today and would never have gone there to eat just from looking at it.

(photo from Google)

The ladies from the line dancing group were asked to demonstrate a few dances and Kim was going to teach the mums and dads some very basic dances.

There were so many people on the dance floor (hubby and friend not included) it was hard to find a space.

My friend Joanne and I had a great time scootin' away even if she did think she had two left feet (which she didn't).
Not particularly brilliant pictures but you get the idea.

Here I am strutting my stuff  :0)

Can't have been too bad.  I seem to be heading in the same direction as the others!!

It was a great night but over too soon.  As Eliza Doolittle said - "I could have danced all night".


  1. Oh I rerally must try and find a class. I miss my line dancing so much

  2. Hi Liz! Happy Valentine's Day. Just checking in to see if you got my postcard from Sian's swap on time?

  3. Who'd have thought it, Mrs. I Won't Be Wearing Cowboy Boots??!!


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