Old Town Spring

John and I were at a loose end last Saturday whilst the Teenager was at Airsoft so we abandoned him and went a mile down the road to Old Town Spring.
It's a quirky little "town" a mile from the I45 freeway but takes you into a whole different era.  History goes that the Orcoquisac Indians founded it in 1745 followed by the Germans in the 1800s and the railroad.
Wunsche Bros is a restaurant/bar located right next to the railroad and boy it's loud when the Western Pacific train goes past!!  It's the original building by all accounts.

There are antique shops every where

and shops in little nooks and crannies.

Some bigger than others with more space.

and some squished on to the end of a lot.

There is still the international flavour with German and Dutch shops.

and of course the local Texan wares too.

A quaint little place that only takes about 10 minutes to walk around and just a few miles from the hustle and bustle of downtown Houston.


  1. Wow so quaint. Thanks for sharing this

  2. We'll have on the list of places to go in the summer, please.

  3. Amazing buildings and history


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