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I was reading my mum's old blog recently and came across a post she did where she mentioned something I had posted that day.  It turned out to be this.

I still miss my dad every day, even though it's been 26 years since he passed away.  He would have been 79 today.


18 June 2013

Simply a Moment - June 13

Tuesday 18 June 2013.

I'm off sick today with a sore throat.
I'm waiting to go and see the doctor.
Whilst I'm waiting, I think about looking through my scrapbook albums.  If I'm honest I don't have that many and most of my layouts are in a box somewhere.
I find the album that my Mum made for The Young Man.  It's all about his "Grumps".  His Grandad, My Dad.
As I'm looking through the photos and smiling at how much of a family resemblance there is, I feel my eyes welling up with tears.  Not sad tears.  Tears of happy memories.

It would have been Dad's birthday today.  He would have been 71 years old.

Thinking of Dad makes me happy.


I Lve You


  1. What a coincidence that you posted this, on Wednesday it was 100 years since my mum was born. She has not been with us for 24 years but you never stop missing your parents do you? How lovely that you see aspects of your dear dad in your son x

    1. Happy 100 years to your mum. You're right we never stop missing them. Someday I wish mum was still here as she would be the one I would tell all my worries too.

  2. What a lovely tribute of your Dad & what a great photo.

    1. Thank you. Mum took that photo on Lossiemouth beach in Scotland. One of Dad's favourite places.


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