Me on a Monday - (Tuesday 1 June!!)

Cheers!!  This is me for the next 10 days :0)

Well I made it to Friday.  The boss said it was a crazy week.  That was an understatement!!  Next week we have a week off and I have a few days out planned. As hubby has to work most of it,  I think I'll spend most of my time off sitting in the garden.



  1. sounds like time well spent!! i see something beautiful on you lap!!

    1. That lovely on my lap is my High Tea Floral Throw by the very talented Jen Tyler. I've only got about 8 rows to go but as she's so big each round takes an hour!!

  2. Looks like you have some enjoyable plans for your week off. I hope it's a good week of relaxing & recharging.

  3. The week is going by too fast, but it has been relaxing so far. :0)

  4. Hope you enjoyed your time off Liz and that you got some of the good weather we've been having down here. I imagine your High Tea throw may well be finished by now :)

  5. We had some really lovely weather, which was great. My High Tea just needs a few ends sewing in and some tassels and she's finished.


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