Me on a Monday - 21 June 2021

It was all change again at work last week.  With the daily COVID infection count going up again we have had to move back to where we were at the beginning of the year.  I'm now down the corridor, feeling like Billy No Mates.  Luckily we only have four weeks left at work and I won't have to worry about it for six weeks.

Hubby and I had "Date Night" on Friday and had a lovely meal at the local pub.  Unfortunately there were no tables inside, so we sat out on the patio.  We were lucky enough to get a table right next to the patio heater.  The joy of an English summer's evening.  Coats and heaters :0)

We did some house hunting at the weekend.  Just to see what was out there in our price range.  We were disappointed!!  When you wouldn't be able to get your sofas in the lounge, park outside your own house or it needs £40,000 worth of work doing to it, it's probably best to stay put.

Sunday was a stay at home day for me as my hayfever was really bad.  Even the super strength prescription tablets didn't do the trick and I ended up having to take an extra tablet in the evening.  Surely I won't have to stay in all summer!!

Here's hoping that next week is a smooth one.



  1. Sorry to hear that the numbers in your area are rising again. Sometimes it feels like we are going one step forward and two steps back.
    Sitting outside in coats next to heaters is definitely a British thing! Pleased that you got to go out for a (chilly) meal though.
    The house situation is similar around here, our son and daughter in law have struggled to find anything that is the right size at the right price. Keep looking, it's out there somewhere! My daughter found her house through Facebook. They narrowed down the area that they wanted to move to then she put a post on the local page asking if anyone was about to put their house on the market with details of what they were looking for and six people came forward! It was a win, win situation as the owners didn't have to pay estate agents fees as it was a private sale and R got to view properties that weren't yet on the market.

    1. Numbers are still going up and we have a few staff off again after, either testing positive or being in contact with some one who is. It feels like January all over again. I'm glad your daughter found her perfect home.

  2. Oh I can only imagine how awful your hayfever/allergies are that you need extra tablets of the extra strength medication. The pollen count this side of the pond is VERY high this year, & while those of us that don't suffer with the affects, have enjoy the blossoms on all the trees & shrubs, there's some, like Mr Man who avoid like the COVID plague. The housing market is insane in our region, the lockdown restrictions are driving the city condo dwellers out into the countryside & will pay any price for some space. I'm raising my tea mug to a happy week ... and not feeling like Billy No Mates.

  3. The pollen count at the beginning of this week was awful but it seems to have calmed down a bit now and is more manageable. House prices all over the UK have gone up by at least 12% in the last year. We'll just keep looking. :0)


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