Senior Year Pt 3

And so onto the final eight layouts.


** Snr Trip **

"You didn't like the choice of t-shirt for the Snr trip to Galveston and I can see why!
None of your friends went.................... BUT
you met up with Alexa who invited you to join her and her friends for the day.
You had a great time."
29 May 2015

** Last Day **

"3 June 2015 was your last day of school ever.  You didn't need to go in on the 4th
as you had exempted all your exams.  It was a quiet day without a lot of fuss.
You are no longer a "School Boy"
3 June 2015

** Graduation **

"After a rough start as a senior at Seven Lakes High School you proved to us
and yourself that you could do it.
You are the only one in the family to graduate from an American High School.
we think you're AWESOME!"
5 June 2015

** Diploma **

"Once the introductions and speeches were finished you were officially told you had graduated
and could move your tassel to the right side of your cap.
Four seconds on stage was all it took to receive your diploma from the Principal, Mr Vierling."
5 June 2015

** So Proud **

"There aren't enough words to say how proud we are of you."
5 June 2015

** VPG (Very Proud Granny) **

"If there was a prize for the proudest granny, yours would have won it."
5 June 2015

** Class of 2015  ** 

5 June 2015

** You did iT! **

"A week after graduation you were able to collect your Diploma."
15 June 2015

 "That's all folks"

With the exception of a few Heidi Swapp embellishments, I bought in the sale, all papers etc were taken from the stash I already had!!  I'm thinking that maybe I have too much.


  1. I can't wait to see this album in the flesh, because all the pages are fantastic! I particularly like the VPG page. x

  2. Thanks for the mention! Great lay outs - well done. A big 'well done' to the young man!

  3. You did great! I've really loved seeing all three parts of this project. It makes me realize that fast scrapping can be really great scrapping.

  4. Such an achievement! (Both the graduation and the pages): an occasion to remember for the rest of his life


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