Senior Year Pt 2

And now for another six layouts in the continuing saga 
of the Teenagers Senior year.


** Homecoming **

"Homecoming was very last minute as Laura's dad didn't say she could go until the night before!
You both had a great time and you even danced - Gangnam Style!!"
18 October 2014

** Selfie **

"A 'Homecoming selfie' with the lovely Laura"
18 October 2014

** Tuxedo **

"When we got you fitted for your tuxedo you had to bend down so Mrs Gutierrez
could reach up to measure you"
25 April 2015

** Snr Prom **

"After a lot of nagging from me, you finally decided to go to Prom. 
You looked very smart dressed in your tuxedo"
16 May 2015

** Good Stuff  **

"You met your friends at 9ers Grill for dinner (where you managed to get your free)
then had photos taken before driving to the Marriott hotel in Sugarland.
You had a great night with your friends and said you were glad you had gone.
You met Alexa from your speech class and asked her to dance!!"
16 May 2015

** Smile! **

"You seem to have had a lot of fun taking 'selfies' with your friends"
16 May 2015

The last eight tomorrow.


  1. wow these are fab Liz and well worth documenting - what a year it's been for Samuel, he has done so well and has settled in great by the looks of things :)

  2. The colour combos you have chosen all work really well together. Love that you had a blingy swirly thing to match Laura's mask!


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