Senior Year Pt 1

I haven't done any scrapbooking for the last year.
I'm not sure why.
I just didn't do any.
Then I saw the layout my sister did for the Teenagers graduation
and thought "Hey if Ruth can do one, so can I"

So I did.  All 22 of them.

Here's the first eight!! 


** Registration **

"On 11 August 2014 we went to see the registrar at SLHS.  
She said you had enough credits to enrol."

** Pep Rally **

"We didn't know what a Pep Rally was.  It's all sorts of cheezy Americana in one place!!"
18 August 2014

** Awesome Clubs **

" You were so happy when you found out the school had a Manga club.  By going there you found out about Dungeons & Dragons.  You've made some good friends through these clubs"
August 2014

** 1st Day  **

"Your first day at SLHS was a huge change for you after being in a school of 500 pupils.
You sent me a text a lunchtime that said 'This sucks I have no-one to talk too'
It broke my heart :( "
24 August 2014

** Laura**

"You met Laura on day three.  She had just started as a senior too having 
just moved from Oregon.  You hit it off straight away"
27 August 2014

** Snr Yr Book Pose **

All the Senior boys had to have a tuxedo pose for the senior year book.
You rocked the James Bond look"
4 October 2014

**  'Mums' **

Mum's for the girls.  Garters for the boys.
You were adamant you weren't doing either!"
17 October 2014

** Remember Spirit Wear?  **

"You didn't want anything to to do with Mums for Homecoming.
So you went with Spirit wear instead"
17 October 2014

And there you have it.  More to follow tomorrow.


  1. Well didn't you rock this! All the layouts are amazing, many scrapliftable ideas I am taking away from this post. My favourite is the senior year photo layout. Your use of embellishments did not overload the photos and great blending of papers. Looking forward to the next batch.

  2. Goodness, you have been busy! How fabulous that you had washi tape that matched Laura's top!


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