We have spent the last year trying to make "Proper" Yorkshire puddings.
We tried several different pans.
Different types of lard/oil.
Blamed the naff oven!!
And all to no avail.  They still come out looking like a frisbee!

That is until this weekend when we found a Popover pan, complete
with recipe on the back.

Look what happened on Sunday.

and look what happened yesterday when I made an extra batch for the freezer.

They're about 5" tall and 3" wide.

I did say it was the little things that keep me happy.
And now I'm sooooooooo happy J


  1. They look a little like demented muffins!

  2. Ooh a taste of home. [I made a perfect toad-in-the-hole once ... a long time ago while I was still fairly new to cooking. I think I peaked early ... I've never made one as successful since!]

  3. They look fantastic and if I was nearer I would call around in time for Sunday lunch!! I guess the Teenager was delighted. 😀

  4. I laughed at Ruth's comment. Yorkshire pudding was a Sunday staple when I was growing up. It is still the test we put potential S.i.L.'s through :) Yours look perfect.

    PS - liking the new look of Gables

  5. They look amazing - but I'm wondering what a 'pop over' pan is! I do love Yorkshire Pudding, it's the finishing touch to a proper Sunday roast!


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