The Amazing Houston Comic Con Pt 2

What is Comic Con all about?
I thought there would be comic book artists creators, writers and actors there.
But no.  Not really.
Apart from 80 year old David Prowse (he of the Darth Vader in the 1970s fame)
there were no other actors.

It was mainly comic book artists with sooooo many pictures to sell!!

 Some of which were pretty cool.

or overpriced toys for the kids (or adults!!)

or comic books galore!

or maybe a hairclip for the girls

or even an autographed picture of your favourite character for $75
(which could have been signed by anyone)

Don't get me wrong I loved the place and had a great 4 hours mooching around but
why does it all have to be so expensive?

We didn't even bother to try and sneak a photo of David Prowse
as he wanted $40 for an autograph or selfie.
Dream on David!!


  1. And David Prowse would have asked so nicely in his broad Devonian accent!


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