Me on Monday

You know when you blow out your Birthday candles and make a wish?
You know how you know it probably won't come true?
Well mind did!!!
Last weekend when I blew out the flames on that amazing candle I wished that our work permits would arrive soon.
Well Happy Birthday me!! On Friday letters arrived to say they had been approved and were on their way. And on their way they were as they arrived on Saturday.
Saturday night saw me applying for my first job and today I sent off the paperwork.  One in the mail and one at the school (just so they couldn't say they hadn't received it!!).

Fingers crossed it all goes well.

Thanks to Sian for hosting Me on Monday.  How was your weekend?


  1. Oh, best of luck! That's very exciting: a great start to the week

  2. This is why wishing candles on a birthday cake are SO important. Congratulations!

  3. What great timing! Good luck.

  4. May all your wishes come true


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