The Amazing Houston Comic Con Pt 3

The teenager loved the whole experience of his first Comic Con.
If we'd have gone by ourselves we wouldn't have had a clue who 90% of 
the people were.

He met one of the voice artist that does Anime cartoons and Dragonball Z and
thought he was so cool.
The guys name is Chuck Huber and to be honest was a really great guy.
He was only too happy to take selfies and do autographs with customers. (For free)
In fact he was in charge of the camera!!

Who's that dude in the background?

Not too serious now!!

Lets take one from an odd angle!!

Turned out OK.

It was nice to meet someone who didn't take himself too seriously and was happy to do things for fans that's didn't cost them an arm and a leg!

Comic Con needs more people like that.