Birthday time

 I've had the best Birthday.
It began last weekend when
my friends had a party for me and my friend Sarah,
with cake.............. and alcohol. 
(not for me as I was driving!!)
and an amazing candle.
(It sang Happy Birthday and wouldn't stop!!)

We had soooooooooo many laughs

Then today with my boys.
One in the photo and one taking the photo!!

There was champagne, presents and dinner out.
I was totally spoiled. 

21 again (and again and again.)


  1. Liz wishing you a very happy birthday. Glad there was cake with candles for wishing upon and I do hope that those wishes come true for you.

  2. Pleased to see that you had a good day - you deserve it.

  3. You have found a fab collection of friends over there, what a great cake! Love that candle. Belated happy birthday!

  4. You might like to know that Grandad P had the same candle for his birthday cake. It didn't come out of the box!!


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