Thursday Thoughts - 18 May 2023

How can it be Thursday already? Where has the week gone? 

Last week was a busy one.  We were all busy at work.  Hubby even had to go to work on Sunday, which is unheard of.  They had an order that needed to be completed by 17 May so it was all hands to the pump.  Hubby said if the guys were in then, as the boss, he should really be there too.

On Saturday, I met my Auntie for coffee and a catch up, which was lovely.  We always meet in Waterstone's bookshop, so whilst I was there I picked up the third book in the Thursday Murder Club series, The Bullet That Missed by Richard Osman.  I also picked up their book of the month, The Three Dahlias by Katy Watson.  It's another Who Dunnit which sounded good, was half price and meant I got a free cuppa.  No brainer really.  I started reading it during the week, when I was off work with some yucky sickness bug.  I managed to guess some of the twists and even got the culprit right, so well done me.

We started putting the back fence up on Saturday.  Hubby and S did all the hard work.  I supervised from under the umbrella.  Were just waiting for the correct size bolts to arrive then we can crack on getting the boards up.  After that hubby has his hands full with helping have a new boiler installed, helping our neighbour put up the new front fences, taking down an old chimney and helping the bathroom guy if he needs any help.  I shall be getting on with housework and making the teas!!

We had a little win at the weekend.  Blue will now sit under the umbrella but still won't go out in the garden if the whirligig is up.  I'm going to keep working on him though as he can't stay in all day of the weather is nice.

Well Eurovision is over for another year.  Liverpool was heaving over the last week with fans from all over the world.  In true fashion we seemed to be back at the bottom of the pecking order, coming second to last.  All congratulations to Mae Muller.  I though she did a great job and it can't have been easy waiting to go on last.  Next year will be awesome as it's 50 years since ABBA won.  

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Only another 5 working days and it's half term.



  1. I do hope you have recovered from what ever caused you to take to the sofa. So much is happening at your home with repairs & improvements. Glad to hear that Blue is making progress with his anxiety of over head things.

    1. There always seems to be something going on building/decorating wise but it will be worth it in the end.

  2. My goodness, there are a lot of jobs on your husband's 'to do' list!
    Sorry to hear you've been unwell, rest and a new book is the perfect way to recuperate.
    My daughter's friend is Surie, who represented the UK a few years back at Eurovision and it's fun to see her on tv in the lead up to the big event. It's a tough thing to do when we don't have the best track record for winning!

    1. A day on the sofa was just what the Dr ordered


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