Hello Monday

Hello to a busy week

Hello  to the second to last week of term.
Hello to learning to Tea Dance with the lovely ladies at the Arradoul Scottish Woman's Rural Institute.
Hello to making a cake for the schools "Bake Off" on Thursday/Friday.
Hello to joining some ladies for indoor bowl in the local institute.
Hello to our works night out.
Hello to getting a few last minutes presents posted.
Hello to collapsing in front of the TV by Sunday.

How's your week looking?

Random picture of the Teenage one's version of the British Isles made out of Christmas beads.


  1. He'll have to work on that if he still wants to be a Geography teacher!

  2. Pretty good for something that only took a few seconds to do!!

  3. Tea dancing and bowls sounds a lot of fun! Hope you have a lovely week.

  4. LOL! I was wondering if it was an outline of a dead body (like in the police procedural shows) until I read the rest of your post.


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