The sun came out today, for a little while anyway, so we took a walk around Loch-na-bo. It is a man made Loch not far from Fochabers. It was so quiet and we only met one man and his two Border Collies.
Samuel saw his first "real" dragonfly (as we normally only see Damsel flies) and was really surprised at how fast they can go. He was hoping they would land to he could get a picture but they were more interested in food so didn't!!!

These were a few of the neighbours we saw on the way around. They ran off at first, but pigs are really nosey so came back to see what we were up too!!
Creepy hollow!! This made me think that Halloween had come early. A tunnel made from intertwined branches. Very spooky on dark night I should think! I'm so chuffed with this picture :)And finally Samuel trying to catch the pond skaters and not having much luck!!!
I'm really pleased with the photos as I left my camera at home and had to resort to using my mobile!!!! Whatever next. I hope you all had a lovely weekend :)


  1. Great photos if they are one your phone!

  2. Shame on you leaving your camera at home!

  3. Wouldn't have known it was a camera phone well done!

  4. These are wonderful, especially for the camera phone.
    Your son looks ready to fall in the water.
    Thank you so much for playing along in the Pay It Forward, I appreciate it. :OD

  5. I can't believe that you took such great photos with a cell phone. It must be so much fun to explore with your son. Thanks for taking us on your walk, it looks like an incredible place to explore.

  6. photos are fab love the dark one of the lock


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