Day 175, 176, 177 & 178 of 365

Another day. Another catch up!!

Day 175 - John became a Chartered Manager. I'm really proud of him as he's worked hard for it.
Day 176 - Shopping for a new Stanley knife. Who knew there was so much to choose from?
Day 177 - Invasion of the body snatchers!! Someone seems to have stolen the legs out of these fishing trousers!!

Day 178 - A very bleary eyed Samuel at 4.45am today just about to leave for his Holland trip.

It's been a long day.
Up at 4am. Up to the school for 5am. Wave goodbye to the kids at 5.25am. Walk the dog at 5.45am. John cemented around the front door at 6.30am. Cup of tea at 7am and started to wallpaper at 7.30am!! Stopped at12.30pm. Showered and out for lunch at 1.30pm followed by watching England getting stuffed in the football World Cup!! It must be bedtime soon?!?


  1. I'm exhausted reading all that! xx

  2. Love the picture of the fisherman's absent legs!
    Bet you slept well after your 5am start to the day.

  3. I'm worn out too reading all about it ! Well done John and I hope Samuel has a good trip x

  4. Liz I have finally caught up on all your post.....such great photos. So glad you had a trip into the big city, so nice that Granny was at home with DS then I also remember my last shopping trip into Inverness, I do love it there.
    Sorry I was away but I had computer problems as well as company, things should settle down now........:-) Hugs


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