HSMSHS - Paint

Paint - To depict with paints, to cover or decorate, find Paint in your space today.
One thing we are not short of in this house is paint. Especially the little pots that Samuel uses to paint his Warhammer figures. It brings back memories of Dad and David spending hours painting aircraft models with Humbrol paints!!!


  1. Great paint shot.

    Re: my photo -
    They're leftovers in the garage. Just a few of many. Some of the colours I don't even think are in our house anymore. LOL

  2. Lovely shot, great colours! We've a warhammer fan in the house too. xox

  3. I love this! My hubby STILL makes model aircraft, so he has trays full of those little Humbrol paint tins. He still says he needs more though! Lol


  4. Got any camoflage paint in that collection??!!

  5. fab shot Liz couldn't find any paint in my space today

  6. Great shot! Asking the same question as Ruth!!!!!! Memories, memories and some things never change!


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