The Apple Tree

Many years ago (11 I think) John planted an apple seed so that Samuel could watch a tree grow. Over the years this poor tree has seemed a little on the sad side, a little bit dead and decidedly bare. Last year we had two flowers and only the start of one apple. A few months ago it was time to go down the drastic route and cut it back. John repotted it and cut it down to barely nothing you can see it survived and is now florishing and is as tall as the shed.
Today I noticed that the flowers had started to appear. There wasn't any at the weekend so it must have been all the sun we've had this week. We now have loads of flowers in all stages from flowering to just making an appearance.
We're really hoping this year that we will get apples. It has been a labour of love but hopefully it will have been worth it. Watch this space!!


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