You never know the minute

After our fishing expedition yesterday John popped round to his mates house to pick up more tripe (still don't ask!!). Any how Samuel went with him and on the way back they got hit by a boy racer going too fast over the brow of hill and round a bend. John could see him coming and managed to get the landrover up a bank as far as possible so the boy only scraped the side and the wheel arch. Unfortunately for the boy his car has a broken steering column and a bashed in front end. How we got away with so little damage I'll never know. Everyone was OK and no injuries. The boy it turns out is still at school and told John his Mum would kill him!!! John said his parents were very nice. Just as well as their insurance is paying for the repairs.


  1. Ouch. The most annoying bit is being without your car while its being fixed.

  2. Thankfully only the car was damaged.

  3. crikey they were all very lucky weren't they?


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