A few more fishy photos

An old hand at fishing, John could have spent all day there and come home happy even if he hadn't caught anything.
Samuel got to grips with it straight away and was the only one to catch a fish. He and John are going back on Friday as Samuel has a day off school.
Me I had a great time too. Happy to give it a whirl but just as happy snapping the photos. I think the next time I go I'll have my own rod and have a bash at casting. How hard can it be?

All in all it was a perfect day. We had no rain (they did in Fochabers), the sun came out more than once, we were right on the edge of a huge thunder storm but it missed us and Syvia who runs the burger van makes a lovely cuppa and an even better haggis burger (the boys had bacon). All that for under £20. Not bad for a day out these days.


  1. did you take your crochet too? I went fishing once, i found it quite relaxing but didnt catch anything, he he!!
    felicity xx

  2. fab shots I love the blurry backgrounds they are my fave thing at the minute


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