HSMSHS - Container

Container - An object use to hold or transport something. Find a container in your space today.

I loved this prompt today as I had loads to choose from. It's amazing how much stuff you can find in and around your home. My favourite shot was John
wheelbarrow in the garden that was left by the previous owner and is now a herb garden.

But then there were the Primulas in a gorgeous blue pot my MIL bought us last year.

I also tried an arty shot of some boxes but I'm not too sure about them!!!

The list goes on but it's time to stop.......................................


  1. hi Liz
    love the wheel barrow, there's a little pale blue cottage near us with a lovely wheel barrow full of flowers outside!

    thanks for your help with the photo uploading, i feel so silly not knowing how to do it!! also thank you for wishing me luck at college, Im doing an early years child care course, my first day was really good, had to do a maths and english test though!! xx

  2. love these Liz especially the primroses sadly mine have all died hoping to get some geraniums to fil the empty pots soon

  3. Great set of container shots, love the wheelbarrow

  4. You're definately getting the hang of this photography lark!

  5. I have been meaning to ask... what is the HSMSHS?

    I love all your photos :) The flowers and herbs are especially nice.

  6. All the photos look good, and what an array of containers/colour.


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