Her Space, My Space, His Space. This is a blog I found through Jo's blog Captured on Film and it seems perfect for me as I can now attempt to improve my photos by following their daily prompts. Today was "Cut. To divide, wound or detach with an edged instrument. Find 'Cut' in your space." I chose John's knives as I wouldn't eat as well as I do if John didn't do the cooking. He has to have a good set of knives.

Yesterday's prompt was yellow so I took a close up of some of Samuel's marbles!!! I think that might be my reflection in the blue one!!

I have a feeling this challenge might be good fun :)


  1. I'm glad you said they were marbles; looks too artistic for anything so ordinary!

  2. I like the new blog title.

  3. Great photos and a much better blog name! x

  4. Great shots - I'm really enjoying playing along with the promps after looking at everyone elses photos for so long.

  5. The challenge is good fun :) and addictive.
    Great shots for cut and yellow, look forward to seeing more

  6. Tracked you down through the comment off Jo's page. Thought I'd stop by and welcome you to HSMYHS. It's a lot of fun to do.
    CUT: Wonderful shot of some fancy knives.
    YELLOW: Very well shot - love the contrasting color with the yellow too.


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