Me on a Monday - 10 May 2021

Right now.........

I am busy, busy, busy at work.  The business manager was off last week and in her absence I got to look after the booking of supply staff.  It seems like she picked the best week to go away as it was, what can only be described as, manic!  So many staff off work and classes needing to be covered.  It was only a four day week but it felt like a fortnight.  The big boss did buy me a huge bar of chocolate though, which was very much appreciated.

I am loving the fact that we can travel into Wales and visit Bodnant Gardens.  It's been well over a year since we were there and it was like seeing it all for the first time.  The rhododendrons and the Magnolia were all in full bloom and looked amazing. 

I am thankful that the police are doing checks outside school re the speed of the traffic.  Let's hope they keep it up and it wasn't just a one off.

I am disliking the rain and hailstones we have had in the last week. There have been some very moody skies.  It's supposed to be May for heaven's sake!!

And lastly, I am loving the newest addition to the Lee household.  Dave the Dolce Gusto coffee machine.  Latte anyone? :0)

How was your week?



  1. After all these months locked away at home, we really appreciate going out again don't we? Those gardens look beautiful.
    The weather down here has been crazy too, one day sitting in the garden eating lunch, the next listening to hailstones hit the conservatory roof - hopefully we are all in for a more settled spell now!
    I am pleased that your boss rewarded you in chocolate - let's hope this week is less manic!

    1. A walk around the gardens was just what was needed. Hopefully it won't be too long until we can go back. Weather depending of course!!

  2. What a lovely photo of the waterfall at the park. Perfect timing with spring in show for your visit. I read a report by our provincial police that said during all these lockdowns the number of accidents/deaths from high speed has increased by triple the normal. Far too often it is the young adult age group 18-25yrs testing the limits of their cars :(

    Well done you managing all the scheduling & isn't that great that your boss recognized the extra - chocolate a perfect thank you.

  3. The gardens are amazing. Everything from woodlands and ponds to waterfalls and formal gardens. We're hoping to go back at the beginning of June when the laburnum arch is in full flower.

  4. the waterfall is gorgeous, the image and all those pretty flowers!! that sure is one moody sky, i happen to love a sky like that!!

    i am not a coffee drinker, i'll have hot tea please. BUT that coffee maker is one cool dude, it looks like a robot!!


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