Me on a Monday - 3 May 2021

It's been a bad and a good week.  

The bad news is a 15 year old boy was knocked down and killed in a hit and run, just outside school on Monday night.  They have arrested a 22 year old man who already has previous arrests for dangerous driving/speeding at the age of 18.  It just doesn't bear thinking about.  What is really making me angry though is that, as a school, we have been campaigning for speed restrictions on that road for years and were basically told nothing would be done as "no one had died".  Now it seems they are going to do something about it.  My thoughts are with the young man's family.

The good news is 1.  my wisdom tooth is out and healing nicely and 2.  I've booked a short stay for hubby and I in a riverside lodge in Shropshire.  We go at the end of July.  I can't wait for countryside and beautiful scenery.  Oh and the good thing is it's only a short walk from the lodge to the local pub 😊

Hollywood came to the Wirral last week as Rebel Wilson was filming her new drama, The Almond and the Sea Horse, in New Brighton, West Kirby and Liverpool.  She was a very brave lady, taking a swim in Marine lake.  It was freezing.

Did some more of my shell blanket and had a wee treat at the same time.  I love mini Party Rings.  It reminds me of putting them into The Younger Male's lunch boxes when he was at primary school.

Rain was forecast for Monday so hubby and I spent a few hours doing the walking routes in Delamere Forest on Sunday morning.  I was so nice to wander around and listen to the birds.  No traffic and no noisy neighbours and their workmen.  All in all a peaceful few hours.

Back to work on Tuesday.



  1. What awful news for your whole school community - I know from experience working in a school how a tragedy affects every member of staff.
    How nice to have good things planned for a few months time - I think we've all earned some quality time away from home after this very long lockdown.

    1. The police were doing speed checks this week but it's no good when the drivers can see them and have time to slow down!! It kind of defeats the object.

  2. What a horrible thing to happen to that young boy & his family, they will never get over this. The driver's behaviour was obviously never corrected from the first driving charges - being lenient isn't always a good thing or a kind thing. How horrible that loosing a life is somehow a measure of seriousness to deal with a known situation. I'll say no more.

    The cottage rental looks like it will be an adventure & sometimes walking in rain can actually be an uplifting time.

  3. Lots of flowers shave been left on the side of the road. It's saddening to see the young ones taking a moment to remember him.

  4. such a tragedy, for all involved. i can't even imagine loosing a child, or being the parent of a child who did that!! everyone suffers!! i hope they DO do something now, it often takes a tragedy like that for something to be done!!

    the blanket is coming along nicely....

    and a vacation, i am so jealous. we need to get away!!

    1. and thanks for all those wonderful comments, i really enjoy your visits!!

    2. I too feel for the family of the young man who was arrested. I can't imagine what they are going through.

      Anything more than a night away is classed as a vacation in my book. Three nights away will feel like a fortnight after being at home for so long :0)


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