Me on a Monday - 24 May 2021

Last week seems to have been very much like the previous weeks so I thought I'd pick five things to write about from my week.

1.  Loving the fact that we can go out for a meal.  All three of us headed out to the Anchor in Irby on Saturday night and it was so nice to be out and about.  Still distanced and wearing masks but such a change from staying in.  Not a very flattering picture of The Younger Male.  That beard is in real need of a trim!!

2.  Enjoying watching - I can See Your Voice - BBC1 on a Saturday.  If you haven't already seen it, it's a game show where the contestants have to guess if someone can sing just by looking at them and hearing a few facts about each one.  There is also lip syncing round, which isn't always a good clue as some of them are very good at it even though they can't sing a note.  If the contestants guess who can sing after they have eliminated 5 of the 6 singers they win £10,000.

3. Listening too - Outlander on Audible.  I'm not really liking the lady who narrates it but as I've already read the books and watched the TV series, I already know the characters so can ignore the accents she's using (she makes Frank Randall sound like a squeaky old man!!)

4.   Happy that all three ladies are now back together in the office.  When the restrictions changed on Monday were allowed to be in the same room together and jumped at the chance, when the boss asked us if we'd like to be back together.  We have had such a laugh this week.  It's been almost 14 months since we were all in the same room for longer than 10 minutes.

5.  Disliking the fact that one of our neighbours had a party on Friday night with 20+ people in their house and the music so loud it could be heard all around the village.  At 11.40pm I asked them to turn the music down and was told "it'll go off at midnight".  Give them their due it did, but now I will have no problem sitting outside and making a noise even if their kids are trying to sleep!!  Some people have no regard for their neighbours.  These are the same neighbours who haven't bothered with any restrictions since lockdown started last year.  It seems like they are above the law.  

It's the last week of term this week and it can't come soon enough.  I am so looking forward to a week off.

I hope you've had a good weekend and have a great week ahead.



  1. Number 5 made me cross. 20+ people IN the house? Why do some people think that the rules only apply to other people? Sigh.
    I bet there's been a lovely atmosphere in the office now you are all reunited in the same room - being with other people really lifts the spirits doesn't it?

    1. As you know, the last week of term can be crazy, but it was made all the more manageable with having three of us back together.

  2. Yeah to being with work colleagues again. I really don't know when we'll be allowed indoor dining; I envious that you got to do - brilliant photo of you & the Young Man.

    Your #5 is something we have to deal with on either side of us, people that do not have any regards for the responsibilities of living in a community. Follow lockdown guide lines? Not them, not ever. Both sides of us have coped with lockdown life by smoking up every hour on the hour,(weed is legal in Canada), easterly neighbours often have 3-5 of them at a time. It does not even keep the mosquitoes away!!! (trying to lol).

    1. Oh no! I think I'd rather have one night of really loud music than the smell of weed every day of the week. Our neighbours son used to smoke it in their back garden and it would drift over (it's illegal in the UK). Luckily he has now moved out!!


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