Me on a Monday - 17 May 2021

Woo Hoo!!  Only two weeks left at work before it's half term.  A whole week off but nowhere to go as hubby is working.  :0(    Never mind we have a few days away in July to look forward to.

I took time away from the laptop this week as I felt overloaded with information.   There's only so much that will fit into my poor brain at any given time.

I pottered around in the greenhouse over the weekend and potted out my forget me nots and poppies.  They were the ones that I had planted, from the seeds we got given at dad's funeral.  They look healthy enough at the moment so I hope they keep growing.  I also planted out some sweet peas.  

I had loads left over so I took them to the plant swap in the village. (They're my green beans on the top row).

One of our neighbours has set up a little fabric greenhouse at the top of our road and if anyone has plants they want to share/get rid of, they can leave them there for the neighbours to take.  You don't have to leave anything to be able to take one.  I like the idea of dad's flowers/veg being shared around the village.  This weekend I left dwarf green beans, cucumbers and poppies.  

I'm hoping for a quieter week this week.  What about you?



  1. Oh I do like that idea for a village plant swop!

  2. I too like the idea of a neighbourhood plant swap, although at the moment I would have nothing to share, my seedlings aren't doing well at all :(
    You are the second blog person I've read that has planted up Forget Me Not, which made me realize I haven't had any in my garden for a few years ... what a lovely idea to share seeds as part of a life celebration service.

  3. My Forget Me Nots are doing OK at the moment. I have just moved them outside the greenhouse and I'm hoping that we have seen the last of the frost. The weather is so up and down at the moment it's hard to tell if Spring is here or not!!

  4. ooooh man, i LOVE this idea!! i love sharing parts of my garden with friends and neighbors and we do it often. but i have never seen something more "formal" like this and it is such a great idea!!

    i love quiet days/weeks, covid has really made me enjoy the different/quiet things!!

  5. I've just picked up two plants I knew nothing about so it will be a surprise to see what grows :0)


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