An Unusual View

Last Friday saw me donning my mask and heading off to the opticians.

It was an unusual experience.  The shop is normally really busy and it was strange to see it with only a handful of customers.  All socially distanced and with all the staff in PPE.

I had my eye test, including the horrible test for glaucoma (where they puff air into your eyes) and a new test that takes a scan of the whole of your eye.  It's called Optical Coherence Tomography and the result  reminded me of an ultrasound scan.  

I asked if I could get a copy of the scan but apparently you need special software to be able to view it!!  I borrowed this picture from Google so you could see what I was talking about.  The idea is that the white lines on the right hand picture are straight as any wobble could mean trouble.  Mine, thankfully were straight.  Phew!

I couldn't quite believe that it was two years since my last eye test so wasn't too happy at the thought of choosing new glasses.  

I don't like fussy, or metal frames (unless they have a colour), I don't like big or chunky, blingy or horn rimmed.  Basically I didn't have much left to choose from.

There is a new system in place now, that every pair you try on has to be put into the basket they give you, so they can be disinfected before going back on display.  To be honest it put me off trying on different styles as I didn't want to be the person who had a basket full of glasses.

Another problem with trying on glasses.  You have to take your glasses off to try the new ones on and then you can't see.  They Younger Male had an appointment too and ever one to scrounge a lift, he'd made it at the same time as mine.  In payment I got him to take some photos of me trying on glasses so I could put mine back on to see if I liked the new ones. He also got to carry the basket.  Fair deal I reckon.  I had to move my mask down so I could see if I liked the glasses or not (I didn't.  Sorry Cath Kidston).

I managed to get one pair but couldn't decide on a second.  I have three months to choose so I'm hoping that they have new styles in by then for me to choose from.


  1. Yeah to a good eye report & new glasses. I think The Younger Male got a very fair deal helping with glasses choice. After the last 6 years of all Mr Man's problems & eye surgeries, I've seen many an eye scan - I was thinking we could enlarge to make framed photos for his office. Mr Man declined the reminder.

    1. I think framed photos sounds like a great idea. Sometimes a coloured eye scan can look like something from outer space. How cool would that be?

  2. Isn't it hard to choose? And it's an expensive decision to make! Our optician has a camera which takes a picture of you in up to four different frames, then makes it into a collage so you can put your old glasses on to see which suit you the most. Isn't it amazing how they can scan your eye like that? But so reassuring to know your eye is healthy, inside and out!

    1. I have a list of other frames I'd like to try and have just found out that when you're sat in the booth to get measured etc you don't have to wear a mask. That would be easier as the mirror is closer too. Fingers crossed it works, as like you say, it's an expensive business!!


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