Right Now

Right now 

·       I’m looking forward to the end of term.  It’s been a busy time recently and I’ll be glad of the break.  There is still a lot to do before 1st September when all children should be back in school.  It will be an interesting time. 

·       I’m making plans to go to York to see family and finally get so see our Grandson.

·       I’m hoping to be able to arrange a few days away with Hubby in August.  He hasn’t had a break since lock down started and is worn out.  Luckily Airbnb are open again and we’ve seen some lovely places to stay.  We just have to decide where to go! 

·         Plans have already been made to go for coffee and cake, over the summer, with my friends from work.  I’m so looking forward to a huge slice of carrot cake from Carr Farm.

·         I’m printing photos for my lock down journal.  I’m hoping to get it finished over the summer. 

What are you up to?




  1. Those sound like some wonderful plans. I especially like the plan that includes carrot cake. Right now I'm deciding which online course(s) to pick as in person classes aren't happening this Autumn semester :(

    1. Carrot cake would be on my list every time I made one :) Plans have changed today and we're not going to York just yet but our Grandson is coming here. I'm so excited. Is it wrong to be counting sleeps already?

  2. I bet you cannot wait to see your grandson!
    My ex-boss at the school tells me that plans for September are ever changing and as soon as they have a new strategy, advice changes so who knows how things will be when the students return? Let's hope they manage to get all year groups back.
    That carrot cake looks delicious!

    1. Oh my gosh I'm so excited to finally have a date to see our grandson. They are coming to visit on 14 August. Best I start counting sleeps :0)


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