Scrapbooky bookmarks

At the weekend my Mum asked me a crafty favour. Could I make some bookmarks for the ladies group she is involved in? These ladies all have stories to tell if you know what I mean? The group has different activities etc each month and in a few months time my Auntie is showing the ladies how to make cards and they wanted something crafty they could give to each lady at the end of the night.

They decided on bookmarks as these could be made from scrap of card, paper etc. I think my sister and cousins have been roped into this project as well so I don't have to make all 40 they need!!

I looked out some colourful card and bits of paper and then hunted through my punches to find my daisy punch.
Less is more in my book. So one piece of card, one small piece of paper, one punched flower and one stamped swirl later I had a bookmark. Or should I say I had 10. I've just got to add ribbon (which I totally forgot to buy in town) and they'll be finished.

So not only have they added colour to my life this weekend they will hopefully add colour to someone else's too.


  1. RThose bookmarks are lovely and very easy to make as I can see.Good idea

  2. Now I'll have to make some!!!

  3. Liz these are lovely and will be enjoyed by so many.....:-) Hugs

  4. Lovely bookmarks Liz... they have been on my to-do list for ages...xoxo


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