Day 58 of 365

** Graffiti tree **
We saw this tree today on our walk through a nearby wood. How many years have initials been carved into it do you think? Me, I just think poor tree!!
(Click to enlarge)


  1. Oh wow. When enlarged everything got so slear on that big tree. Lovely

  2. I wonder too...what a lovely photo!

  3. Liz Sweetie...
    My gosh, can those dates be correct, 56 and 67 appear to be the oldest. That is the most beautiful thing, and it is so sad that so many have carved into it, and yet it still stands proud. I find it so amazing that people can do something like to a living thing. It is beautiful the way that it appears all wrapped around itself as it is trying to protect itself. I love the forest picture though, my gosh it is beautiful. You have captured the true beauty of Winter there. How beautiful. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  4. Awesome picture!! Love the black and white!

  5. It is a beautiful tree, I always love to read initials on trees but this poor tree has had more than its share.......:-) Hugs


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