Searching for seashells

We took a walk along Findhorn beach today as the sun was out. When I say beach it's 99% pebbles and not a lot of sand!! We were on the hunt for curly shells to add to our ever increasing shell collection!! You can never have too many shells :0) (Check out the mittens!! My sister Ruth bought me these a good few years ago and I don't think I've taken them off this year, it's been so cold).

As they say in Yorkshire "By Eck it's chilly" even the boats were wrapped up for the winter.

We did have some blue sky for a while but off in the distance there were some really grey clouds which caught up with us on the drive home.
If you didn't know how cold it was today you would have thought this photo was taken on a beautiful summers day!!
As it was so chilly we had to warm up in the local pub and have lunch :0)


  1. I love Findhorn - so beautiful. Nice mittens ... but I want the Canadian ones, have you seen them at the Olympics, so cool!

  2. I love that last photo and you're right, you would think it was taken in summer. A warming lunch in the pub sounds like a wonderful idea :)

  3. Two of my favorite things, mittens and seashells.......:-0 Hugs


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