Day 51 of 365

** View from the Fochaberian Garden **
in the village
As the pond is off limits we walked Moss down to the River Spey this afternoon as the sun was out. Although the weather was chilly it was a beautiful day. This is a view from the Community Garden in the village where the names of local Fochaberians are on stones in the flowers beds. People who have contributed something to the village in the last few 100 years. It one of the big standing stones with the river in the background. The sun just had to feature in today's photo as it's been away such a long time.


  1. Hi Liz Sweetie...
    As always, absolutely breathtaking. I love what you have captured here. You should be selling your beautiful photographs to a company. It is very beautiful. You have that photographic eye. Thank you for sharing.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  2. I love how you go for walks so often, this is a lost art in Canada as we drive every where. So sad really......:-) Hugs

  3. This is a STUNNING shot! I love that garden, so peaceful and with such a beautiful view.


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