Midnight Rodeo

I went to Midnight Rodeo for the first time last night to help my friend Rachael celebrate her birthday and it was awesome.  I now have to learn how to two step. 

Selfie - mid dance

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Expat girlies (Birthday girl is 2nd on right)

It was a brilliant night made all the more fun by being asked 
"Ma'am would you like to dance?"
I would have loved to but I was just leaving and the said young man
 was not much older than my son!!

I've still got it!!!


  1. Couldn't you have stayed for one dance with that young man?! Those boots of your are certainly getting a work-out!

  2. Lookin good Liz...been to a honkey tonk myself was great fun....didn't dance though :)

  3. I just love how you're embracing the Texas life!

  4. Boot Scootin' Boogie!!! I could do that one once upon a time. Looks so much fun


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