Scavenger Hunt 2013

This week I managed to get three more on the list.

#3 - City Hall, Capital or other similar civic building.  This is the Public Institute in the village.  They have everything here from school assemblies to wedding dances and ceilidhs.

#14 - A stained glass object or mosaic.  These are one of four sets of stained glass windows in the Gordon Chapel in the village.  They are all dedicated to the Gordon-Lennox family in one way or another

#15 - A fire truck or police car - This old 1911 fire engine was bought by local fire stations 20 years ago. They paid £18,000 for it.  It originally worked in Glasgow and was then sold to a private collector.  When he died they asked his widow if she would sell it to them.  Yesterday it was in Portessie for the wedding of a local fireman.

This years scavenger hunt is hosted by Rhinda over at Gallo Organico.  Pop over and see what others have been snapping.