Hello Monday

This weeks it's

Hello to still being EXCITED that Andy Murray won the Wimbledon Men's Single Final yesterday.  SOOOOOO chuffed for him.  He really deserved it. What a fantastic game.  I was jumping up and down like a right idiot :0)

Hello to one more week before our holiday
Hello to hair cuts all round this week.
Hello to doing the packing.  Doesn't look like the boys want to do it.
Hello to Mum arriving on Tuesday.
Hello to coffee and chatting.
Hello to still being chuffed for Andy Murray.
Hello to getting the house valued.
Hello to hubby only having 4 days left at work this week.
Hello to the blocks arriving for the new raised beds in the garden.
Hello to my eyes being better before our holiday.  The pollen is making them really itchy at the moment.
Hello to being so pleased that Andy Murray won yesterday.

Did I already mention that last one?