The Bin!!

Today's walk took us to 'The Bin' near Huntly. It's a bit like the local walks at 'Winding Walks' but as Samuel found out....further to walk. The map said it would take two hours to do the 4 miles but we thought that would be for people walking slowly!! Not so....We don't hang around but it took us 2 hours and we covered the whole 4 miles. We were definitely in need of chocolate by the time we finished so popped into ASDA in Huntly on our way home.

From the top you could see for miles over the local farmland.

The Forestry commission cut down the trees and take them to local saw mills but to Samuel it was 'Stick Heaven'.

On our way back down we came accross all the logs waiting to be shipped off to the sawmills. I told Samuel to be careful but he insisted on poking the logs and look what happened!!!